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Membership Website Planner Workbook for Content Creator Spiritual Life Coaching Business Blogger Infopreneur - 15BMSP

Membership Website Planner Workbook for Content Creator Spiritual Life Coaching Business Blogger Infopreneur - 15BMSP

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Grow your business by creating and launching your own membership site.

Why create a membership site?

- Create a place for your dedicated fans to hang out with you
- Additional income to grow your business
- Get paid by your fans month after month
- Turn it into a primary money-maker

On your membership site, you can:

- Run a free or paid challenge
- Create standard and VIP memberships
- Create a free online course and turn it into a higher-end program

And promote your products such as:
- Ebook
- Online course
- Workbook or checklists
- Challenge
- Webinar
- Masterclass
- Planners and journals

Planner and Workbook features:

- A4 size
- PDF format
- 3 Cover page options
- 30 pages of planning worksheets to get you more clarity on your membership site idea
- Instant download. No physical goods will be shipped.

This planner and workbook covers the following steps:
Step 1: Choose a Memorable, Magnetic Membership Topic
Step 2: Create Captivating Monthly Content that Gets Members Radical Results
Step 3: Cultivate a Close-Knit Community of Winners
Step 4: Craft a Killer Name the Right People Can’t Resist
Step 5: Pick a Price that’s Attainable and Attractive

βœ… This is for you if you are a/an:

Online Coach, Life Coach, Mindset Coach, Wellness Coach, Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Business Owner, Metaphysical Coach, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Holistic Business Owner, Course Creator, Content Creator, or Online Business Owner

You are thinking of doing a membership site to course, ebook, workbook or you have an existing one and you want to jazz it up by making it look more professional, visually appealing and on-brand.


** π—§π—›π—œπ—¦ π—œπ—¦ 𝗔𝗑 π—œπ—‘π—¦π—§π—”π—‘π—§ 𝗗𝗒π—ͺπ—‘π—Ÿπ—’π—”π——, 𝗑𝗒 π—£π—›π—¬π—¦π—œπ—–π—”π—Ÿ 𝗣π—₯𝗒𝗗𝗨𝗖𝗧 π—ͺπ—œπ—Ÿπ—Ÿ π—•π—˜ π—¦π—›π—œπ—£π—£π—˜π—— **

πŸ…·πŸ…ΎπŸ†† πŸ…ΈπŸ†ƒ πŸ††πŸ…ΎπŸ†πŸ…ΊπŸ†‚

Simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. DOWNLOAD: After your purchase, you will receive a PDF file that contains the direct link to download the planner.

2. PRINT: You may print the planner in A4 sized paper at home or in a print shop.

3. DIGITAL: You can also use Goodnotes or a similar app to use and fill out the planner on your iPad or computer. Saves the environment :)

𝑯𝒆𝒓𝒆’𝒔 𝑾𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒀𝒐𝒖 π‘ͺ𝒂𝒏 𝑫𝒐

- Use it for personal purposes only.

𝑯𝒆𝒓𝒆’𝒔 𝑾𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒀𝒐𝒖 π‘ͺ𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒐𝒕 𝑫𝒐

- Cannot Resell Any of These Items As Individual Files on Marketplaces - (Please No Listing the Source Files on Etsy or Creative Market)
Cannot Pass On, Sell or Give Away These with Commercial Use or Resell Rights

πŸ…½πŸ…΄πŸ…΄πŸ…³ πŸ…·πŸ…΄πŸ…»πŸ…Ώ?

If you need help with anything, please feel free to send me a message here by clicking Contact Buyer and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Cheers!

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