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Beautiful Design Templates for Your Coaching Business

Are you a heart-based, soul-driven, spiritual entrepreneur who wants to elevate your brand?

Skip the tedious process of creating everyday content and dedicate more time to running your business. Here’s everything you need to consistently create eye-popping, engagement-boosting, and on-brand graphics that expand your reach and bring in more traffic to your products and services. 

Customisable Canva Templates

You’ve got the product and service. You’ve got the enthusiasm and vision. But for some reason, you feel stuck. 

Not anymore! 

Put your message across effectively and make your brand stand out amid the noise of digital marketing with customisable Canva templates that you can use to whip up content faster than you can say captivating!

 Every day is an opportunity to reach more customers. Be seen with professionally developed and seamlessly cohesive content.

The Situation

You are clueless about what to publish. 

Running out of ideas about how your branding materials should look like each time you need to promote an offer or send out a proposal might sound awfully familiar to you. Creative marketing is tricky and time-consuming. Raise your hand if you’ve experienced using random graphics on your newsletter or posting on your Instagram at the eleventh hour just for the sake of “putting it out there.” Now put it down, because that’s doing you more harm than good! 

You don’t have an online presence strategy. 

Being clueless about the aesthetics of your brand can be attributed to the fact that you don’t have any plan in place. More than just turning your name into a logo or picking out a font style you fancy, creating graphics for your business is all about being purposeful. In social media, for instance, posting about the right thing at the right time is crucial. When you don’t have a well-thought-out plan and you find yourself always scrambling to find the next brochure or ads design, you are losing precious time and most likely opportunity. 

You can’t keep up with digital trends and changes. 

Change is the only thing constant in the world, and that couldn’t be truer in the digital space. From social media trends to online course innovations, we constantly see new updates and releases to improve user experience. But is it improving yours? From video reels to geotargeting to product tagging, there’s just so much to keep up with, especially if you’re not tech-savvy, amiright? 

You lack the skills and resources. 

Now, now, don’t beat yourself up for the lapses in the areas mentioned above. You’re a business owner, you’re not expected to be the all-around marketing guru as well! To implement an excellent content plan, you need to at least have a photographer, graphic designer, copywriter, virtual assistant, and/or a social media manager. However, access to these talents may not always be available to small and new businesses with a tight budget. 

You don’t have the time. 

Between sourcing, procurement, taking orders, developing your course, attending to your clients, solving issues, and more, you can hardly find the time to sit down and create content for your digital presence. And, understandably so, as owner, you must keep the business running.

Now if only there was a way to focus on areas where your business needs you while making sure you have an engaged audience and growing clientele without breaking the bank…

Well, there is, darling!

The Solution

It’s quite simple, really! You don’t need to splurge on hiring different talents or committing yourself to hours and hours of work, conceptualising and creating the right graphic for social media, email campaigns, ebooks, presentations, and other branding needs. 

What you truly need are graphic templates that are:

  • Professional looking, ready-made, and easy to use

  • Aesthetically impressive and cohesively designed

  • Editable for on-brand customisation

  • Helpful, engaging, and able to spark conversations

  • High-converting and sales-generating 

  • Straightforward and affordable

The Result

Saved Time and Money

Through readily available graphics, you can skip hiring a designer and VA. Dedicate your time and money to focusing on the operations side of the business.

Strong Following

With a consistent online presence through high-value content, you can build an engaged audience and a strong following that will keep on growing.


Sales Growth

Visuals play an important role in a person’s desire to try and test a product or service. Make sure yours have the power to convert a follower into a paying customer.

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What Our Customers Say

The templates are absolutely stunning!! Just what I needed to create a visual masterpiece for my latest workbook! I can’t recommend this shop enough.
jane roberts
Loved the templates! Super easy to download as a pdf & provided simple link to open in Canva. Had no difficulties with it & such a beautiful design with so many options! Definitely recommend!!
fiona andrews
This template has saved a me a ton of time. Thank you so much. Your kits are a life saver. It would have taken me weeks to format all those pages. Simply amazing! Thank you so much!
john andre
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