Terms of Use for Design Templates

It is our mission to help coaches, service-based entrepreneurs, 'soulprenuers' and heart-led businesses easily create digital products that will help other people and to make a positive impact to the world.

The templates are a great base for you to easily design your digital products, but we highly recommend making it uniquely yours. You can do this by changing the colours and fonts to your own branding, adding your own story, your own words, or your own real photos. Give it your own flavour, and this will make your products shine!

We have come up with the proper use of our design templates and the licence you get below.



By purchasing CoachTemplate's template products, you adhere to the Terms of Use specified below. A copy of these terms may be attached with your download files. 


In simple terms...

1. The templates are for your own personal and business use only. Therefore, you cannot sell or share it.

2. You can edit and rebrand the templates to create your own unique End Product that you can sell or share to your clients or customers. 


Clear so far? More details below:


What you MAY do with the templates

  • You may edit and customise the templates by adding your own text, change colours, delete or add elements. etc. They are 100% editable. 
  • You may edit and rebrand to create a product of your. own by adding your logo, company name, your socials, etc
  • You may reuse the templates as many time as you want.


❌ What you MAY NOT do with the templates

  • You may not sell or share the templates, template links or source files to anyone, on your website, emails, membership sites or on marketplaces (Etsy, Creative Market, etc.). This is for your personal or business use only.
  • You may not  edit the template and resell it as a template. 
  • You may not sell or share the templates with commercial use or resell rights.
  • You may not use CoachTemplate or my name, Charisse, as author 



For every purchase of our products, you get a Standard Commercial Licence. What this means is you can use the templates to create an End Product that you can sell, share or giveaway. You can create UP TO 5,000 physical or digital End Products for sale.

The end product must follow these conditions:

  • Your End Product must be an UNEDITABLE file (such as a PDF, JPG or PNG format file)
  • Your End Product can be a FILLABLE PDF, this means your customers get a PDF file and they can fill out their answers in the worksheets using their computer, table or mobile phone
  • You End Product must be for personal use only
  • Your End Product may be included in your membership or as a supplement to your course
  • Your End Product CANNOT BE SOLD on Etsy, Creative Market or any marketplace unless it is SIGNIFICANTLY edited (example: photos, colors, fonts are changed.)
  • Your End Product may not be sold or shared with commercial use or resell rights.
  • You cannot claim copyright unless changed significantly but you can claim authorship.
  • You can create up to 5,000 physical or digital end products for sale, but beyond this you have to get an extended commercial licence from us. See more details below. 



If you intend to have more than 5,000 physical or digital end products for sale, you have to get an extended commercial licence from us. Please purchase an extended commercial licence from our Creative Market shop or email hello@coachtemplate.com



A lot of creativity and hard work are put into creating our products. We ask that you respect our Intellectual Property and follow the terms of use. We take copyright and IP infringement seriously. Copying or replicating our designs or products is illegal.

We are vigilant and take measures to protect our IP rights. Any violation of the terms will result in prosecution. 



Unsure of any of the terms? Always best to ask. Please feel free to message us at hello@coachtemplate.com