We are Etsy's Pick! A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Supporters

We are Etsy's Pick! A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Supporters

Some exciting news!  

Our bestselling Mindfulness workbook template has earned a shiny Etsy’s Pick badge!!! Woot! ✨

If you hover over it, it says “Selected by Etsy’s style and trend editors.” There are probably hundreds of thousands of Canva templates on Etsy and earning this badge, and to be picked by Etsy, is a milestone for us.

The badge came at a crucial time when I had to deal with an Intellectual Property Infringement dilemma. It was stressful and I almost gave up the business thinking it's all not worth it. 

But signs keep popping in to keep me going. I am reminded of my "why" - why I started the business in the first place. And I also reviewed my business and personal values to guide me in making difficult decisions.

Now I look back and learned big lessons from it. I may have gone through a challenging time, but I also received outpouring support from different sources, and for that I am truly grateful. Here they are:

✨ My mentor and community members at PIGA - Claudia and Julie's quick action, insights, advice, and emotional support have been tremendous and I am forever grateful.

✨ A customer here at CoachTemplate - she spotted the infringement, stood up and fought for me and my rights. Her overall support for my work is tremendous. 

✨ Another customer and part of this community, Monica, sent me a message while I was in the middle of the storm. She shared her infringement horror stories as well but also sent beautiful messages to remind me to protect my energy and to act in the space of love. Such powerful and heartwarming words that left me teary eyed. 

✨ 5 star reviews - While I was facing this difficult time, all these 5-star reviews kept coming in! It gave me a boost and the strength to move forward. If you are called to do so, add in your reviews on Etsy and I will send a little thank you gift. 

✨ My competitors - I reached out to them for advice, and boy did they give me a LOT of advice! They have been an inspiration for me when I started and this made me respect and admire them more. We may be competing with each other but there’s always that sense of camaraderie and support from people in the same industry. 🤝

✨ Big lessons - I learned a lot from this experience that is helping me grow more personally and professionally. The biggest lesson perhaps is that no one can stop me from shining my light. And that my talents are not mine, my design ideas are not mine. I am merely a channel to make these ideas to come to life, to put them out to the world, and to hopefully help the people who need it most. 

✨ And lastly, a reminder that I’m never alone and I always get support from visible and invisible sources. 

Gosh, it made me teary-eyed writing this post. 😢❤️ 


What about you, what big challenges have you experienced and how did you deal with it? Send me a reply. I'm always happy to hear from you.  

And if you would also need to review on the proper ways to use our products, you may read our Terms of Use here. Or just email hello@coachtemplate.com to clarify. 

Whatever business challenge we face, let us be reminded to keep going, be passionate, be grateful, ask for help when needed and always keep the faith. 


Love and light, 

Charisse x

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