A Decade of Design: Celebrating 10 Years with Canva!

A Decade of Design: Celebrating 10 Years with Canva!

🥳🎂 Celebrating Canva's 10th Birthday! 🥳🎂


A decade of creativity, and my journey with Canva has been nothing short of amazing. From personal projects to serving VA clients and running my own graphic design business, Canva has been the canvas for it all.

Here are some snippets of my Canva journey:

✨ I joined Canva when it was just one year old. I have been using it for 9 years!

✨ It was introduced to me by an Aussie client.

✨ I was not experienced with Adobe, and Canva was an awesome alternative

✨  I now have over 800 designs - this is just for my account! I have more on my clients' accounts

✨  I got invited last year and have joined their exclusive group of creators called Canva Champions. It only has 3,000+ members from all over the world

✨  I now sell Canva templates for passive income

✨  I now work for a non-profit as their Marketing Design Manager and we use Canva to promote our projects to help the community

Thanks, Canva, for continually growing and improving and giving us a chance to bring our design ideas to life. Cheers to another decade of creativity! 🥂

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