I'm Charisse.
And I am on a mission.

As a virtual assistant for about a decade now, I have had the pleasure of working with various online coaches from the US and Australia, where I am currently based. What I found was a growing need for a better system for curating graphics and incorporating them as online materials that represent your business.

If there’s such a thing as Canva-obsessed, then I’m proud to be one! I have been using the tool since 2015 or during its early years for e-courses, worksheets, and social media. With an eye for design, I was able to help—and impress—clients through designs I created using Canva. 

Today, I’m excited to bring this passion to more business owners, coaches, and content creators through my creatively yet strategically crafted Canva graphic templates. It’s about time we address the struggles of those who need to create content but don’t have the design experience.

I work from home but enjoy travelling. I like drawing, a good cup of coffee, going on nature walks, listening to podcasts, and devouring salmon sashimi. In fact, if I were to be reincarnated, I would want to be a bear living near a river,  just grabbing live salmon all day long; or perhaps a koala, sleeping twenty hours a day and eating the rest of the day. 

And oh, in case it wasn’t clear enough, I love Canva. And I hope these Canva templates will make you love it too!

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